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posted by [personal profile] korone at 06:34pm on 28/10/2011
continued adventures in having too many Sheps. :V (also overdramatic Shep histories that I need to stop doing, but.)

organized into "squads" because I can

SQUAD A, the Core Sheps

SQUAD B, the secondary Sheps

SQUAD C, why do I have so many Sheps

[general data]

Bartlett Shepard
Bartlett Rosita Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Spacer
Reputation: Sole Survivor
Alignment: Paragon
Class: Sentinel
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Ashley, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: No One Left Behind, Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Love Interest(s): Kaidan, briefly Garrus (ended before the pre-suicide mission scene) in ME2
Final Team [ME1]: Kaidan & Garrus
Final Team [ME2]: Jack & Garrus

Pre-Service: ~age 6, got lost while on vacation and received a scar on her cheek that would successfully refuse to go away until her death and repair in ME2. Discovered as a biotic as a child, but her mother didn't trust Conatix and refused to have her sent to BAaT. She later was given L3 implants when she was 16 and started her biotics training as soon as she could. The same year, her father was killed when a mission went wrong. Two years later, Bart joined the Alliance, to her mother's dismay.
Military: When she was 23, she participated in the ill-fated Akuze mission, losing several close friends and her fiance and sustaining serious acid wounds in the process. At 25, was present at a meeting between Alliance and turian representatives, where she met Alsadrus Helven and Matix Pagasi, the former of whom she would later date until his death in 2180, the latter of whom she would start dating soon after and break up with but remain friends with less than a year after.

Personality: Generally fairly quiet, but friendly and occasionally inclined to bizarre trains of thought. Hides her emotions a lot, represses a lot, tries to keep on a happy or at least calm and/or professional face for everything. Prone to insomnia, not helped by inclination towards being a workaholic and constantly trying to take care of everybody. Has a strong maternal/big sister-ly streak and isn't afraid to inflict it on everyone and anyone. Martial pacifist, but when she fights she fights in a way that would be more associated with vanguards than sentinels - prefers to use biotics/tech skills and hand-to-hand combat when fighting to guns. (On that note, while Bart dislikes killing unnecessarily, she does enjoy combat in general. She is possibly a little weird.) Tries to think the best of everyone and cares about everyone (except for Cerberus and the Reapers). Very cold and often distant when angry.

Family: Only child of Hannah & Sean Shepard, both Alliance officers, the latter deceased. Was something of a daddy's girl when he was alive, though was close to both parents. Remains close to her mother, though they don't talk as much these days as either of them think they should.

Past relationships: Childhood friend, first love, and fellow soldier Jesse Hodge - they were engaged until he died from critical acid wounds and blood loss on Akuze. Her next boyfriend, a turian named Alsadrus Helven, was declared MIA and presumed dead after his ship unexpectedly went down on an otherwise routine patrol. Afterward had a brief relationship with a mutual close friend of hers and Alsadrus', Matix Pagasi, which actually managed to end on friendly (if awkward and somewhat guilty-feeling) terms with neither dead, yaaaaay~ Afterward refrained from relationships until meeting Kaidan.

Relationship with LI(s): Something of a two of a kind/birds of a feather pair with Kaidan, being both generally quiet, professional career soldier and sentinel types, though Kaidan a bit more regularly genuine in shown emotion but more prone to acting on logic, and Bart a bit hard to figure out exactly where her mind has wandered at any given moment and inclined to dash herself against the proverbial rocks trying to help anyone and everyone. A little like two parts of one person who've found each other, got along as if they'd known each other for years (shy, awkward flirting aside) almost as soon as they met. Didn't help much come Horizon, though, where it really probably just made both sides more hurt and angry at each other, and left them both feeling betrayed. Messages back and forth since have mended things at least somewhat, but the possibility of resuming the relationship remains on hold until they see each other in person again ME3333333333.
Meanwhile, more on the "opposites attract" side of things with Garrus, being both extremely inclined to help people and prone to being reckless (in different ways) about it, but with Garrus being more hot-headed and cynical and inclined to shoot first, Bart being calmer and more open-minded and willing to hear people out. They worked pretty well as friends, but as a couple became inclined to be overprotective of and each other and argue and second-guess each other increasingly often, not helped by Bart's situation with Kaidan. They soon enough ended the relationship, deciding to salvage their friendship instead and leave it t that.

Relationships with Squad & Crew: Highly prone to forming surrogate family relationships. "Niece" to Chakwas and Mordin, "sister" to Joker, Tali, Jack, and Jacob, mother to Grunt, surrogate/extra daughter to Samara, etc. notable: Zaeed finds her annoying/idealistic and immature at first, is pissed at her after his loyalty mission (which she paragons), slowly warms up to her despite himself, and by the end of ME2 has found himself with a surrogate daughter-ish person who is cheerfully trying to set him up with her mother. welp.

Armor: White with red stripes. Shield harness, asymmetric defense layer, off-hand ammo pack, ordinance packs.

Clothes: fairly girly/feminine, but almost always something she could fight in if necessary. likes short shorts and short skirts, but likes knee-length-ish skirts at times. Likes red/pink, white, pale yellow. In-game wears the science uniform.

random: a pretty good cook, but for herself enjoys things like fruits and vegetables (organic, if she can get them), her favorite being red apples. (also rather fond of apple-based desserts.) Though that said, she's not a picky eater, and she can eat a lot. Really likes alien cuisine and trying new things in general.
Favorite drink is cow's milk. She's also rather fond of coffee, but drinks nearly exclusively decaff 'cause she doesn't need any help with hardly sleeping. :V
On that note, prone to insomnia, and disturbing hallucinations when particularly lacking in sleep.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: fairly "girly" body language/poses.
fairly open/open-seeming expressions, but tends towards closed-in body language (exception is fear? doesn't scare or startle easily - main source of outright fear would be thresher maws, in which case desires to run the fuck away. other main open body language includes mild and/or "fake" happiness (body language intentional, thought out) and when severely openly pissed off (ready to strike, biotics tend to be going - extremely rare to see, Bart very controlled).)
hides face when upset, tries to smile - doesn't want to upset others
leans forward or towards whatever she's being curious about when confused/curious, often tries to touch - nosy as hell.

hobbies: dancing and gymnastics, yoga, testing the limits and etc. of her biotics (trying to use them to walk on walks/the ceiling/etc.), strategy games, running non-video game virtual battle simulations, collecting stuffed animals & cute pillows, watching the news and documentaries, reading (likes books about and/or by krogan, books on alien history and cultures in general, and books on strategy, philosophy, and animals. also romance novels and erotica. and Fornax.)

theme songs: Jade [Final Fantasy X-2 OST] - Real Emotion, The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale, Eels - I Need Some Sleep


Billy Shepard
William Harold Shepard

Sex: Male
Pre-Service History: Colonist
Reputation: Ruthless
Alignment: Paragade
Class: Soldier
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Ashley, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: No One Left Behind, Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Love Interest(s): n/a [head canon: Joker]
Final Team [ME1]: Tali & Wrex
Final Team [ME2]: Tali & Zaeed

Pre-Service: ~age 8, loses a toe playing with his brothers Terry and Rob, while trying to build a clubhouse. age 15, starts dating classmate Avery. age 16, Mindoir raided, parents, Rob, Terry, and Avery (among others) killed, eldest brother Joe survives by not being on Mindoir at the time (Alliance marine, in space at the time). Same year, brought to Arcturus Station by his brother to recover and finish his schooling. Age 18, joins the Alliance despite Joe's protests.
Military: Out of boot camp, assigned to Ivan's squad, where the two would later start a (rather uneven) relationship. Said relationship lasted until Billy was 24, when he became known as The Butcher of Torfan and Ivan left him and tried to have him discharged, aided by Joe. Billy wound up not discharged, and also in a relationship with fellow marine Brady, which soon turned abusive and ended two years later, when Billy was convinced by friends and Joe (who had finally accepted Billy was staying in the Alliance) to leave him. Brady then nearly killed him and was rewarded with a restraining order, a court martial, and a dismissal. During his relationship with Brady, Billy was put under the command and eventually taken under the wing of Steven Hackett.

Personality: rather akin to a big friendly dog in personality. friendly, cheerful, caring, gentle, and affectionate, if highly prone to being awkward. prone to being mushy and romantic in relationships, to Joker's occasional frustration. something of a sad clown. Book dumb, but considerably smarter than he can seem (just don't let him try anything tech-related unless it involves physically hot-wiring something. explosions tend to occur.) overly inclined to flying by the seat of his pants and making shit up as he goes despite being an otherwise excellent tactician. Deeply regrets Torfan, guilt over it makes him highly inclined to be down on himself. still hates/fears batarians, though, though he tries to work on it (usually).

Family: Youngest of four children, all boys. Son of Lydia and Michael Shepard (farmers), younger brother to Joseph ("Joe", Alliance officer), Robert ("Rob", Mindoir police force), and Terrence ("Terry", general delinquent and poor role model). All except Billy (natch) and Joe (off-planet at the time) killed in the raid on Mindoir - Lydia, Michael, and Robert confirmed, Terry missing but presumed dead because the batarians would be unlikely to bother putting up with him that long. Billy and Joe were never close to start with, Billy being, while sweet-hearted, prone to following Terry down the wonderful road of delinquency, and Joe basically being srs bsns with a stick up his ass, though he still cared about Billy and convinced him to join the Alliance when he was old enough. After the raid on Mindoir they grew closer, right until the point Billy decided he still wanted to join the Alliance and Joe flipped out because he didn't want to lose the only family member he had left. Since then, their relationship is greatly strained, and even when they meet at least neutrally, they still quickly get into arguments and/or fist fights with each other.

Past relationships: First boyfriend, Avery Leblanc, died in the raid on Mindoir. Second boyfriend, Ivan Zolnerowich, left him after Torfan in horror and disgust. Third boyfriend, Brady Elliot, was an L2 whose side-effects included headaches, instability, and magnification of his naturally poor temper, who Billy ultimately wound up putting a restraining order on. Billy has generally avoided the idea of a relationship or even anything particularly physical since. (until Joker. *applies head canon*)

Relationship with LI(s): From Joker hating Billy before he met him and then also thinking he's an idiot shortly after actually meeting while Billy develops a puppydog kind of crush on Joker and tries to be friends, to getting to know each other and becoming friends and slowly falling for each other, to almost kind of starting something before Billy carked it, to Billy carking it, to Billy getting dragged back to life, to quietly pretending they didn't almost start something because Billy's not sure if he's not misremembering or just dreamed it or something and Joker wants to give Billy time to adjust to being alive again and missing two years, to Joker getting pissed and upset at Billy a lot for doing extremely reckless, stupid borderline-suicidal stuff and getting badly injured in battle way more than he should which doesn't really help tbh, to Joker shouting at Billy for aforementioned reasons and accidentally making him feel like a shitheel because it's not like he was doing it on purpose, to full-out shout matches then Billy just kind of increasingly sitting and taking it, to finally sitting down and talking it out and apologizing and kind of acknowledging/admitting they love each other (not that Billy needed to because he is terrible at hiding his feelings, but), to idk actually getting together somewhere in there (post-collector ship in current head canon timeline) and tentatively considering a possible life together after they stop having to save the galaxy and etc., it is like an adventure. an adventure in awkwardness and dorks and love. yes.
Calls Joker "Jeff", while Joker calls him "Bill".

Relationships with Squad & Crew: like Bart, also inclined to surrogate family connections, though not as much. Has a small pack of "little sisters", though, including Tali (also kind of his protege), Ashley (when she was alive), Liara, Jack, Kasumi, Kelly, and Gabby, and cheerfully and readily takes on a fatherly role to Grunt. bffs with Miranda, Garrus, and Jacob, has kind of a weird pseudo-mentor/student thing with Zaeed (in a don't-turn-out-like-me,-kid kind way), and the two of them and Mordin have an in-joke sort of thing with the three of them jokingly hitting on each other early on. (mostly shifted over to just Zaeed and Mordin doing it to each other by the time Billy and Joker get together.) Doesn't get along very well with Samara - they were all right with each other until Samara wanted his help killing her daughter, which Billy balked at and refused to help with. After which they prefer to avoid each other.
Miranda and Chakwas call him "William" or "Will" or occasionally "Bill", most of the aliens call him "Billy", practically everyone else calls him "Bill". Grunt calls him "Battlemaster" post-loyalty mission, Samara just calls him "Shepard".

Armor: Green with gold stripes, occasionally black with green stripes. Kuwashii visor, capacitor chestplate, N7 shoulder guards, off-hand ammo pack, ordinance packs.

Clothes: very casual, clothes tend to have holes or stains in them, sleeves tend to be rolled up (even short sleeves) or missing. lots of t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, and jeans. enjoys headgear (mainly cowboy hats and bandannas) and boots (especially cowboy boots). glasses on the ship/not on missions and needs to read, contacts on missions. fur-and-leather jackets. In-game wears the off-duty clothing.

random: likes deep-fried foods and peanut butter (possibly together, especially when deep-fried desserts are involved). Also very fond of grits and flavored oatmeal, and of baked goods (and is a pretty good baker). can out-eat biotics. Allergic to strawberries.
Favorite drinks include alcohol (what kind depends on mood, but is always up for cheap booze and/or liqueurs) and "fancy" coffees (cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes, etc.) He will accept "normal" coffee if that's all there is, but it'll be like half sweetener by the time he actually drinks it.
terrible speller.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: open expressions, open body language, usually (exception is fear (again, lolol) - very closed-in, stiff when afraid. also sadness - sort of tucked-in, sunk down, and puppy dog eye-ing - minimizing size and trying to get where he's looking up/up-ish at the target (a difficult prospect indeed). when around those he's very close to/really cares about, also tends to try to hide when he's angry or upset, though he's not near as effective about it as Bart.)
tilts head a lot, especially when confused.
sticks tongue out and sometimes bites it when concentrating.
laughs a lot, smiles a lot - you ain't happy, trick yourself into being/thinking you're happy (in theory)
has a fairly crooked smile that goes off to the left (his left) side of his face. you can usually tell when he's faking smiling because his smile will be more even. (though I tend to forget it when drawing him, orz)
ears get red when blushing.
rubs at his wrists when nervous or sad.
speech-wise, casual, prone to stumbling over his words and getting words (outside of military/weapon, music, or cooking terms) wrong. Only very rarely ever really curses - more of a "Goshdang It to Heck" mild curse/bizarre-word-swap-for-a-curse kind of guy. Jack, Zaeed, and others have made it something of a hobby of theirs trying to get him to properly curse.

hobbies: cooking (especially baking or barbecuing), music (plays guitar and bass, sings, and listens to a lot of different stuff), boxing, (American) football, darts, knife-throwing, weapon designing and/or modding and armor modding, working on/tinkering with the Mako/Hammerhead with Garrus & Tali (and whoever else feels like joining them, but usually those two are with him), reading (books on music, cooking, history (human or alien), weapons and armor, gardening and farming, etc. also comic books and strips.), buying gifts for people/spoiling people, collecting cowboy hats

theme songs: Roger Alan Wade - If You're Gonna Be Dumb..., Gary Allan - Get Off On the Pain (minus the women bits :V), Shinedown - Breaking Inside, Travis Tritt - Great Day to Be Alive

misc.: Somewhat poor eyesight - mostly relevant when reading. Excellent shot with a pistol, even when vision interfered with - shoots more by feel than actual use of sight.

Teddy Shepard
Teodora Mei Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Earthborn
Reputation: War Hero
Alignment: Paragade turned Renegon
Class: Infiltrator
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Lost on Suicide Mission: Garrus, Zaeed, Thane
Love Interest(s): Kaidan [ME1, Virmired], Jacob [headcanon: & Kasumi (OT3)] [ME2]
Final Team [ME1]: Ashley & Garrus
Final Team [ME2]: Jacob & Kasumi

Pre-Service: Parents killed by rivals when Teddy was ~2. Found afterward and taken in by her maternal aunt and her gang, and raised by them until ~12, when they were also basically massacred, after which Teddy joined the Reds. She left the gang when she was ~17 after finding out they'd had something to do with her aunt's gang's destruction, and instigated an old feud between them and a rival gang of theirs, returning later that year to kill several gang members disguised as a member of said rival gang and helping survivors as herself to deflect suspicion. At 18, changed her name and joined the Alliance.
Military: At age 22, became a hero of Elysium, which she was intensely awkward about at first, but then turned into a pretty good way to get laid whenever she wanted. handy!

Personality: Perpetually cranky-looking, rude, vulgar, chainsmoking, lecherous jerkface. With a heart of gold. Nicknamed "Commander Grabass" by Joker. Has had sex with: humans, asari, drell, a salarian or two, at least one quarian, two separate krogans, turians, and a hanar. (at separate times. ...mostly.) A fairly warm person when you get to know her, and she does her best to make sure no one gets to know her. Confident to the point of arrogance. Very intelligent, but prefers to pawn work off on others. When she does do something, though, she has high, exacting standards for herself and a perfectionist streak a mile long, and gets frustrated and irritable if things don't go as planned. Deeply regrets losing people on the suicide mission (including her bff Garrus) and Kaidan before them, and deals with the grief mainly by taking a hard renegade turn at non-squad-or-crew members.

Family: Only child of Nicodemo Altimari and Pan Huilan, both deceased. Was taken in and raised from ~age 2 until ~age 12 by her maternal aunt, Shumei.

Past relationships: Many and generally brief for one reason or another, not even including one-night stands and the like. Rarely serious about relationships, as Teddy has commitment issues and a lifetime of experiencing those she loves dying messily. And then Kaidan dies via nuclear explosion and just proves her point. WELP.

Relationship with LI(s): Lecherous lazy asshole genius meets quiet, serious, hard-working biotic soldier. twice! The first time ending when she left Kaidan on Virmire, something she still deeply regrets (though she doesn't regret saving Ashley), ending what what become the start of a surprisingly sweet, awkward, kind of shy on both ends relationship. The second time has so far avoided having to leave Jacob behind to a nuclear death, and also added a friendly, nosy thief to the mix. hooray! It also started considerably more reluctantly than with Kaidan, starting with casual flirting and Teddy's usual perversion, and becoming increasingly awkward and nervous and cold feet-y as it started getting more serious, considering Jacob's last relationship doesn't seem to have ended that well (and with his ex also on the ship) and Teddy's ended in, y'know, a nuclear explosion and some things are hard to get over. Then they decided to ignore that and kind of fell into a full relationship they know they're in and acknowledge but try not to think about too hard in fear it'll fuck up horribly if they do. healthy! meanwhile, they also both became friends with Kasumi, with her gorilla-in-the-room crush on Jacob, interest and casual flirtation with Teddy, and also a previous relationship that ended terribly, and somewhere in there she kind of wound up also in the relationship (likely through her and Teddy's Powers Combined) and then ta da OT3. yes.

Relationships with Squad & Crew: cares about them, but not very good at showing it unless she's sleeping with them. Considers Joker, Ash, and Tali close friends, considered Garrus her best friend (then he, Thane, and Zaeed died. welp.), doesn't get along in the slightest with Samara and not very well with Miranda, though she and Miranda have a kind of a vitriolic best friends relationship, at least.
Has slept with: Joker, Jenkins, Ashley, Donnelly, Kelly, Zaeed, Kasumi, Thane, Jacob, assorted others on both ships because sex is fun for her and it's more fun when you have a lot of options and people to play with okay. :|

Armor: Black with dark blue accents. Kuwashii visor, capacitor chestplate, N7 shoulder guards, stabilization gauntlets, ordinance packs.

Clothes: Practical, comfortable, often fairly business-like, and tending towards the masculine. Likes blue, gray, black. In-game wears the officers' uniform.

random: likes raisin bread and other little random baked goods with raisins in them, and really raisins in general. She also really enjoys spaghetti. (hates Parmesan, though, you keep your devil-cheese away from her pasta. )
Likes coffees and teas of (nearly) all kinds, whiskey and vodka.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: nearly perpetually cranky and/or bored expression
closed-in, dismissive, standoffish body language, but enjoys invading other people's personal space (extremely annoyed when others do the same to her without permission, though) a bit more open when smug, though, (and even more space-invading) 'cause she's a jerk like that.
only very rarely without a cigarette in hand or in her mouth. (though she quits smoking (or at least makes an earnest effort at it) after the suicide mission.)
deadpans at pretty much everything, so not much to say. :I;;

hobbies: smoking (pre-suicide mission), drinking, having sex or masturbating, collecting porn, napping, annoying and/or harassing people, bar brawls (actual bar or bar-like establishment optional), hacking into random things and fucking with shit or just snooping for little to no reason, programming, random minor crimes, singing no one must ever knooooooowwwwwwww, watching/listening to musicals ditto

theme songs: AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill, Pink - 'Cuz I Can, 30 Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge, Homestuck - Do You Remem8er Me [NOTE: (mostly vague) Homestuck spoilers in song image & desc]


Misha Shepard
Mikhail Aleksandr Shepard

Sex: Male
Pre-Service History: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survivor
Alignment: Renegon turned Paragade
Class: Adept
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Lost, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: Recruited Morinth, No One Left Behind, Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Love Interest(s): Liara [ME1], Miranda [ME2]
Final Team [ME1]: Liara & Ashley
Final Team [ME2]: Miranda & Zaeed

Pre-Service: Left with and raised and trained by his paternal grandfather when he was less than a year old, while his parents went on a top-secret mission from which they didn't return. His grandfather died when he was ~12, and he was shipped off to his maternal aunt to be raised. He soon ran away and joined the Reds. ~15 he met Fatima, a member of a allied gang, and developed a friendly rivalry that turned into a relationship. When he was 17, she was seriously wounded and left in a coma. Misha visited her every day until he turned 18 and joined the Alliance, sending as much money as he could back to try to pay for her hospital bills.
Military: Age 21, Fatima awoke from her coma, and as she recovered, she and Misha tried to restart their relationship. Eventually they decided to end it amicably, still being close friends, and with Misha still doing his best to keep in touch and help her out. Age 23 brought Akuze, which in turn brought near-crippling leg injuries for Misha. He recovered and was able to stay in the Alliance and eventually return to active duty.

Personality: Charismatic, charming, extremely intelligent (though not terribly tech-savvy), somewhere between being a Magnificent Bastard and Guile Hero, starts as renegon, turns paragade as decisions in ME1 and early ME2 and the aftermath of some ME1 decisions and Liara's seeming personality swap start weighing on him. Enjoys Batman Gambits. An excellent manipulator and actor, but if he tries to be honest with himself or interact with people who have successfully moved out of the "toy/tool/chess piece/etc." group into the "people Misha actually genuinely cares about" group he becomes extremely awkward because he has no idea how regular, non-constantly-manipulated-for-his-benefit social interaction and stuff like just hanging out are supposed to work. he was not trained for this, wat do. :( Tends to be cold and impersonal unless the situation or what he wants calls for otherwise, though can and will be friendlier with women, the rare man, and generally his squad and crew.

Family: Only child of Rebecca & Lyov Shepard (Lyov took Rebecca's surname), Alliance spies and black ops, missing and presumed dead. Raised by Lyov's father Matvey until his death, was then turned over to his maternal aunt Sarah and her husband.

Past relationships: Fatima Silveira, a friendly rival of his from an allied gang, back in his Reds days. Fell into a coma after a serious injury, when she woke up they tried to restart their relationship, but finally parted on friendly terms and remain close.

Relationship with LI(s): increasingly dork and awkward-but-sweet relationship with Liara in ME1 (and with Ash, but she wouldn't OT3 so welp), then get to ME2 after he's started on his Atoner path and they reunite and she's practically acting like how he used to, or at least the cold, calculating side, and all his guilt buttons are pressed and distance ensues. Meanwhile he and Miranda are kind of falling for each other and he feels like shit about it, partially due to still caring about/loving Liara, partially because he understandably hates Cerberus and is roughly certain getting with a Cerberus loyalist counts as a betrayal of the people he lost on Akuze. and then they get together anyway and she tells the Illusive Man to stuff it during the suicide mission and he and Liara consider their previous relationship officially ended amicably enough so it kind of works out?

Relationships with Squad & Crew: Has bromances with Joker (it is the bromanciest), Wrex, and Zaeed (somewhat less so), had one with Kaidan. Protective of Tali and considers her a close friend. Regrets Morinth. Hated Garrus in ME1 and only let him come along because Tali wanted him to, basically spent the whole time picking on him or ignoring him in turns, let up on him somewhat in ME2 then dragged him down the road to paragon/gadedom whether he wanted to or not and now they are friends, more or less.
Joker calls him "Mish". He, Chakwas, and the squad were made aware of Morinth (the rest of the crew were simply warned very strongly to not bother "Samara", while Morinth was warned very strongly that if she harmed anyone else on the ship she would not like the end result.)

Armor: Dark red. Aegis vest, amplifier plates, off-hand ammo pack, ordinance packs.

Clothes: ~fancy~, clean and stylish. If he wants to wear a fancy suit all day dammit he will. and you can never have enough turtleneck sweaters or general cold-weather gear. ever. (conversely, also enjoys v-necks) future!armani-riffic. rarely ever "really" casual - t-shirts are undergarments only, shorts are abominations he refuses to wear. It can be boiling-ass hot (and bonus points for him detesting hot weather in general) and at most he'll roll up his sleeves and open his shirt a little. (unless he's alone and/or with only someone he trusts (which is a very short list) and doesn't have a strong issue with seeing him not all well-pressed (an even shorter list), in which case the shirt and footwear come off because auuuuugh.) Likes black, white, red. In-game wears the evening wear.

random: Will pretty much eat whatever. Not out of an extreme omnivore thing like Bart (though he also eats a lot (whee biotics)), he just doesn't really care just so long as he's eaten something and it hasn't been poisoned or isn't moldy or something. If he really had to choose, he likes seafood (especially tuna and shrimp, and especially in sushi or grilled forms), and simple little things like wheat crackers and hard-boiled eggs the like.
That said, his favorite drinks include assorted wines and cocktails (yay fruit liqueurs). (He also enjoys hot chocolate and chocolate milk, but prefers to keep that a secret. understand?)

body language, mannerisms, and habits: very closed-in body language, a loooot of arm-crossing of assorted types and otherwise never really pulling his arms far from his body.
expressions can lean a little more towards the open, but often involve at least one quirked/cocked eyebrow and/or heavy amounts of disdain, and even when open still tends toward the fairly restrained.
very mistrusting, protective of self, tries to stamp down on expressing emotions that could make him seem "weak". also very disinclined to let people know when he's tired or hurt, for related reasons. (never give an enemy an opening, and until proven otherwise assume practically everyone to be an enemy or a living opening to one.)
That said, if the situation calls for it, can at least very convincingly act more open, and does tend to be genuinely more open around what few real friends he has. (also Garrus in ME1, where he wasn't terribly concerned about hiding his annoyance at Garrus' existence.) Also tends to be incredibly awkward around what few real friends he has because friendship is difficult and confusing, but.

hobbies: meditation, people-watching/examining, reading (medical texts, psychology books, books on birds and bird-watching, books on gardening and plants, etc. also enjoys Shakespeare. and thrillers and psychological horror and adventure novels.), chess, checkers, go, games of cards (poker, solitaire, etc.), Quasar (low-stakes), sketching/doodling, bonsai

theme songs: 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie, The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid, The Eagles - Take It Easy


Tomasz Shepard
Tomasz Gabriel Shepard

Sex: Male
Pre-Service History: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survivor
Alignment: Paragade turned Renegon turning Paragon/gade
Class: Engineer
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Ashley, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: Recruited Morinth, Normandy Crew Lost, Collector Base Destroyed
Lost on Suicide Mission: [unconfirmed, need to finish game, but definitely:] Zaeed, Thane
Love Interest(s): Tali
Final Team [ME1]: Kaidan & Tali
Final Team [ME2]: Miranda & Tali

Pre-Service: Age 2, mother sued into bankruptcy by his father. Age 8, ran away from home to escape abuse from his drug-addled mother, proved to be gifted enough pickpocket and with a strong enough gift for tech to be picked up by Reds. Age 13, met Caroline Shepard and became an informant. Age 14, left the Reds and was adopted by Caroline. They moved later in the year to get away from the Reds' harassment. Age 18, joined the Alliance, proceeded to feel extremely guilty because Caroline was so worried about him. welp!
Military: Age 23, Akuze.

Personality: A genius with minimal social intelligence, a whole lot of awkwardness, and a love of codes, tech, and other such things. A capable leader and good at ordering people around or etc. as needed, but has little idea how to actually converse with people on an equal level, and stumbles and fumbles his way through the sort of social interactions most take for granted. As such, even though he gets lonely fairly easily he prefers to spend his time on his own, with his hobbies. If he can get others to join him or to join others doing one of said hobbies/activities without actually having to talk to them, then so much the better! That said, as he gets used to everyone he gets a little better at interacting with them, and Kaidan, Tali, and Chakwas help him a lot. (Joker also helps a little, but mostly serves to get Tomasz interacting with him fairly easily while (mostly) accidentally fucking up his interactions with others. whups.) And then ME2 starts! And Tomasz dies! And when he wakes up, he has a nearly entirely new crew and he is under Cerberus' thumb and Tomasz spends much of ME2 spiraling into paranoia and near-depression and kind of winds up getting most of his crew and possibly a chunk of his squad killed before he really starts pulling out of it. oops. When he finally evens back out to ~how he was in ME1 he realizes what he's done and starts trying to make amends and make up for his actions however he can, but that's a lot of amends to make and stuff to make up for, man.

Family: Only son of Natalia Kijek & Gregory Redd. Illegitimate, unacknowledged by his father, raised and abused by his mother. Eventually pulled from the Reds and adopted by Caroline Shepard, who he loves and considers his real mother. Tomasz's biological mother straightened up some time after he ran away and has tried to contact him since he joined the Alliance, but he generally ignores her.

Past relationships: none, really. Near-asexual or maybe just mostly quariansexual, and romance has never really been an interest of his, and what few times he has attempted it it turned out miserably. Then he became interested in Tali, but figured she wouldn't be interested in him, and then he was killed before he could try to ask anyway. Then he was dragged back to life, Tali was left as one of the extreme few he still trusted, and he went "fuck it, I'll give it a shot" and then yay. c:

Relationship with LI(s): had kind of a crush on Tali in the first game but figured she wouldn't be interested in a human, especially him, and then she became kind of his main tether to sanity and general morality chain and also girlfriend in ME2. not the happiest or least stressful relationship ever, but they do love each other a lot. (head canon-wise Tali does wind up taking a break and leaving for the Fleet a bit post-Suicide Mission, ~LotSB once she's certain Tomasz is stable again and Joker and the squad still alive will look after him (and keep Morinth away from him) and she makes sure Tomasz knows she'll be back and she loves him, it's just like asdfghjkhgfd.)

Relationships with Squad & Crew: SR-1, awkward at first but they get used to him and he gets really attached to all of them and it's all swell, Ash getting Virmired aside. Then ME2 happens! And then Tomasz spends it deeply afraid of and paranoid re: the SR-2 crew, avoids them when at all possible, occasionally attacks them so they learn to avoid him when not, and then gets all of them but Joker killed. welp. Considers Joker a close friend, though somewhat wary of him toward the start of ME2 because Cerberus, but Joker finally gets him to accept that he's there to look after him. (regrettably does not manage the same for Chakwas.) Very close to Kaidan in ME1, Horizon doesn't help his issues any. Also becomes close to Jack (go Team Hates Cerberus). Considered Garrus a close friend in ME1, but a few offhand remarks re: Cerberus post-recruitment in ME2 and Garrus got on Tomasz's shitlist, then enabled the hell out of him to get off of it, and now their friendship is confusing, nebulous, and probably unhealthy for both. welp. Liked Thane and Samara at first, then their loyalty missions struck a chord with his issues with his biological parents in a bad way, and then they were dead and Tomasz only kind of regrets Thane's because he feels bad for Kolyat, also welp. On the plus side, said issues helped endear Miranda and Jacob to him, so he reluctantly winds up liking them and sparing them and kind of becoming Miranda's surrogate little brother.
also basically most of the survivors of the suicide mission feel terrible afterward. yay!(?)

Armor: Dull red/purplish camo. Shield harness, amplifier plates, heavy damping gauntlets, N7 greaves.

Clothes: hoodshoodshoodshoods. otherwise, practical and comfortable like Teddy, but with a higher propensity for coveralls and the like. (and, of course, hoods.) clothes can get kind of ratty 'cause he doesn't care much about appearances. tends to wear headbands and the like to keep his hair out of his eyes (kept it shaved/very close-cropped in the Alliance, stopped caring after he was brought back.) Likes purple, red, and brown. In-game wears the science uniform for lack of anything more character-appropriate to wear.

random: Likes roast beef sandwiches, and things like sloppy joes and etc. He also loves sugary breakfast cereals and glazed and frosted doughnuts. Do not get between him and them, it will not end well. Also just likes candies and desserts in general. Ice cream yay.
Also enjoys lemonade (preferably pink) and soft drinks.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: smiles near-constantly, if a very small smile - picked it up as a habit/reflex at some point and it's never went away - kind of unnerving to others, embarrassed by it
otherwise expressions tend to be fairly quiet, subdued (and then sometimes he breaks out the crazy expressions idk)
body language tends towards the confused? generally more closed-in, nervous but mixed signals and over-exaggeration can get in there - uncomfortably aware of own body language, rarely/never has any idea how to react appropriately - tries little heart out to seem normal-ish, kind of terrible at it
slouches a lot - correct posture outside of being at attention or etc. remains an eternal mystery.

hobbies: programming things, hacking into shit he shouldn't just because it's there to hack into, modding weapons and armor, working on the Mako/Hammerhead and shuttle, making droids, VIs, etc., crawling through ducts and crawlspaces and etc. on the ship to check things, reading (likes poetry collections, alien history books, medical encyclopedias, other encyclopedias, and dictionaries, but he'll read pretty much anything and everything.), making rounds checking workstation readouts (when he's lonely, otherwise he just hacks into them to check from wherever he's at), puzzles (logic, crossword, word search), chess, checkers, cross-stitch

theme songs: Eminem - Evil Deeds, Shinedown - Call Me, 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite


Makena Shepard
Makena Leigh Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Colonist
Reputation: War Hero
Alignment: Paragade
Class: Vanguard
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: No One Left Behind, Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Love Interest(s): n/a
Final Team [ME1]: Ashley & Tali
Final Team [ME2]: Zaeed & Samara

Pre-Service: Age 16, raid on Mindoir, whole family slain. Makena and younger sister Desta apart from rest of the family at the time, hid Desta and went to try to find help, Desta followed her anyway and was killed. Makena blames herself afterward. Age 18, enlists in the Alliance.
Military: Age 22, becomes hero of Elysium. As far as she was concerned she was just doing her job and isn't anyone special, becomes awkward about topic forever after.
least dramatic of all zweiSheps. I am trying to write a timeline here Mak, help a zwei out. :|

Personality: A jovial, upbeat, and good-natured kind of person, if sometimes determinedly and/or forcedly so. Always looking out for others, especially younger (or perceived younger) squad and crew, and very protective of them, possibly overly so. Prone to being overbearing. Morality-wise, mostly paragon, but has a strong sense of practicality and pragmatism, particularly re: criminals and etc. that are unlikely to see justice in actual courts or etc. She'll use them if they're useful, but once they run out of use, they are pretty much screwed, either due to direct action/cleaning house by Makena, or her being completely apathetic if someone else takes care of them. Extremely observant - part naturally, part due to her having trained herself when she was younger because she wanted to be a detective when she grew up. Low bullshit tolerance, though she'll (usually) be patient with friends and squad and crew members. Plays ship therapist a lot, even for a Shep, and not afraid to be a busybody and get into everyone's business if she has to, whether she's worried on a personal level and/or worried about them affecting the mission, or just kind of bored and feeling nosy hey tell me your problems hey hey let me figure you out. That said, mostly keeps her own personal feelings and problems and worries locked up tight and isn't inclined to divulge them to others. Doesn't like people worrying about her or turning her sis/mom/therapist thing back on her. On the extreme rare occasions she can be convinced to share her actual feelings, gets revealed as a very tired, severely overwhelmed-feeling, uncertain person who has no idea how she wound up in this mess and/or dragged into having to be the hero all the time (though she admits her must-take-care-of-everyone thing doesn't really help on that front) and kind of wishes after everything is over she could just quietly drift away into anonymity and wander the galaxy and/or quietly settle down in an out-of-the-way colony. Also she'd like a good nap. And maybe some cheese fries. And then she's back in her shell again but it was nice to be out for a while! :D:D:D welp. Though that said once you've gotten Mak to genuinely open up once, it's notably easier to do it a second time and so on. hooray!

Family: Oldest of three. Daughter of Aberash "Abbie" & Jonathan Shepard, older sister to Thomas (little brother and budding artist and athlete) & Desta (little sister, Makena's shadow, and budding tech nerd). They were a tight, close-knit family, then all of them but Makena (natch) were killed in the raid on Mindoir.

Past relationships: Nada. She's had casual flings and near-relationships and false starts before, but has never really bothered with a "real" relationship. In school she was always focused on schoolwork and her numerous extracurricular activities and her part-time jobs, after school she focused on her career and entertaining ideas of destroying all batarians. :V What time left over from those focuses has always been devoted to family, friends, and the occasional hobby.

Relationship with LI(s): doesn't have one (yet). that said, has unresolved sexual tension/possible openings for romance with at least Ash, Joker, and inexplicably Zaeed because I turn my back on the Shep'verse with no LI and no clear idea of who she might pursue if available in ME3 and then welp. :| Particularly notable in Zaeed's case both due to Mak being roughly lawful-to-neutral good and Zaeed being... Zaeed, and it starts with them flirting with and hitting on each other to tease and annoy each other, that graduates into a teasing joke!courtship, and somewhere in there they kind of start to actually care about each other but try to ignore that. welp. In Ash and Joker's cases it's more of a friends-becoming-something-more kind of thing then Ash is absent in ME2 and Makena is Oblivious to Love anyway and her fwb thing with Kelly and Thing with Zaeed kind of make Joker unsure what to do, so welp. :| we shall see what ME3 brings~

Relationships with Squad & Crew: On Team Inclined to Take Squad and Crew as Surrogate Family Members, has sort of a surrogate family unit going with "mother" Samara, and "little brother" Jacob. The two of them enjoy using this as an excuse to hassle Zaeed. Also on Team Parent to Grunt. Was very close with Kaidan - he's particularly notable in that he managed to get Mak to open up frequently enough to where genuine, honest conversations with neither of them (intentionally, anyway) throwing up walls or having their guard up were the default after a while and they possibly had almost a thing? And then Virmire. welp.

Armor: Black with yellow/orange accents. N7 chestplate, asymmetric defense layer, off-hand ammo pack, stimulator conduits.

Clothes: Whatever the hell she wants to wear. :| but tends towards mixing black and bright colors, belts and belt-like accessories, and fairly cute looks. belt interest aside, tends mostly towards the practical, but isn't adverse to a mini-dress every once and a while (she'll just wear tights or leggings or something under it just in case) Likes orange, yellow, and black. In-game wears the default uniform.

random: Likes cows and pigs. :V And enjoys "specifying" her favorite foods in exactly that manner. Really likes bacon and cheeseburgers, especially together. Also enjoys various breakfast sandwiches, and will put cheese on or in just about anything (well, anything savory. and some sweet.). Also enjoys mashed potatoes, though sometimes seemingly as much to play with them as to actually eat them.
Likes sweet teas, fruit juice, and cool, plain water.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: Open, friendly, cheerful but calm expressions. Smiles often, part naturally, part trying to keep others calm and at ease. Smirks often enough as well. Actually probably smiles even more when sad, tired, and/or afraid - closes in, clamps down, smiles and carries on, nothing to see here, hahaha. Can actually get aggressively cheerful if bothered about it enough, or just when angry or irritated in general.
Open body language while still seeming very solid and sturdy, lively but without much extraneous movement. generally very cheerful, tends to smile and laugh even when upset, almost as a reflex. cheerfulness is natural, but can seem a little forced at times (see: sadness, fear, etc.) fairly pragmatic, but still inherently very upbeat and rather likes it that way.

hobbies: reading (mystery and detective novels, true crime stories, general books on law enforcement & etc. also books on vehicles (especially old ones) and etc.), sports, when she can manage them - particularly likes team sports, and particularly football (both American football, and what-Americans-call-soccer football) or failing that, sports games and just watching sports, jogging, sparring, the occasional game of pool, working on/tinkering with the Mako/Hammerhead and shuttle, collecting little toy or model vehicles (even besides the ones in-game).

theme songs: Stan Bush - Dare, [Tales of the Abyss OST] - Never Surrender, [Tales of the Abyss OST] - Finish the Promise


AJ Shepard
Aaron Jesús Shepard

Sex: Male
Pre-Service History: Colonist
Reputation: Sole Survivor
Alignment: Paragon
Class: Adept (ME1), Vanguard (ME2?)
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]:
Love Interest(s): Ashley
Final Team [ME1]: Ashley & Tali
Final Team [ME2]: Tali & Grunt

Pre-Service: Age 16, raid on Mindoir. Older sister Lucia killed trying to protect AJ before eldest sister Maria found them, parents killed holding off batarians while Maria was sent to find her siblings. Maria finds AJ and successfully protects him through remainder of raid. Age 18, enlisted in the Alliance.
Military: Age 23, Akuze, because the galaxy apparently hates AJ. Age 24, Maria nearly killed on Torfan. Decides he doesn't like the universe very much either.

Personality: Basically a fairly normal, quiet, shy, awkward, serious, sweet guy whose life is apparently basically determined to be a living hell bent on tormenting him. :D:D:D Naturally a kind, gentle person, reinforced by upbringing, determinedly clinged to as his own personal eternal bird-flipping gesture to the universe at large. Something of a "lawful" good type, even for a paragon - part something to structure his life around, part semi-unconscious desire to spite the universe. Tends to lean on regs quite a bit as a result - his going "you know what? fuck it" and ignoring them to roll with his feelings for Ashley is highly unusual for him, but he's pretty happy with the decision in the end. (Until Horizon, but he's hoping for the best.) Generally pessimistic and prone to being quietly and near-unnoticeably seriously depressed. Tired a lot, exasperated frequently. Prone to being quietly, gently sarcastic.

Family: Youngest child of three and only son of Susana & Gabriel Shepard. Younger brother to Maria (Alliance soldier) and Lucia (store clerk, planning to leave for college). Only Maria and AJ survived the raid on Mindoir.

Past relationships: Has always been very shy, so never really got into the dating scene when he was younger. When he got older, life was like "YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE FUN? TRAUMA! here let's have most of your colony be kidnapped or killed, and for added fun a few years later so is your the rest of your military unit. ENJOY." So relationships aren't really AJ's thing. People get hurt that way, you know. :|

Relationship with LI(s): Opposites attract! Albeit with a lot of nervous, awkward "I'm not sure I should be doing this"-ness from AJ's end, and a lot of surprised laughter, facepalming, and "where are you getting these lines? are your pockets full of greeting cards or something" from Ash's end. Very Pink Boy, Blue Girl (albeit minus sex/gender confusion). Sweet and awkward as hell, though it gets less awkward (though still with cheesy/dorky lines) as AJ gets more confident and inclined to go "EFF REGS I would like to be happy for once in 13 years and I am a Spectre so I can bend rules, right? right. right." And then they had a relationship! And then AJ died and was dragged back into living by a terrorist organization he has a personal grudge against. And then Horizon happened and things were officially up in the air, though AJ's hoping for the best. Might help if he contacted Ash back. But that would require AJ to not have reverted to being awkward as hell. welp.

Relationships with Squad & Crew: Cares a lot about his squad and crew. Tries to keep his distance, but it pretty much always backfires miserably because he is composed 90% of love and caring. alas. Especially not fun with the SR-2 crew you are willingly (if apparently not always knowingly) working for terrorists stop being regular folks he can and will however unwillingly feel sympathetic towards. On Team Parent to Grunt. Imagines this won't help make his re-reunion with Ash any less awkward but look at him he's adorable *cheek pinch*. BFFs with Tali, they have both politely agreed to pretend her confessing her crush on him never happened, though Tali also reserves the right to figuratively wave it at Ash depending on how AJ & Ash's next meeting goes. Joker and Garrus are also close friends, and they can stop egging Tali on any time now, thanks.

Armor: Default armor colors. N7 chestplate, amplifier plates, off-hand ammo pack, life support webbing.

Clothes: Dresses rather plainly and simply, enjoyment of layers and some simple jewelry (generally necklaces and rings) aside. Likes long sleeves and cargo shorts. Likes red, orange, and white. In-game wears the science uniform for lack of anything more character-appropriate to wear.

random: likes spicy food, barbecue, and fruit snacks. (doesn't really like most actual fruit, though.)
Likes coffee (a bit of a connoisseur about it, really) fruit-flavored drinks (see above).
head canon-wise has a short, slightly wide fluffy mohawk.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: Gentle, subdued, often rather nervous expressions.
Restrained body language, tends to sort of slouch and curl in when not leading or something.
tends to play with his hair when bored and/or nervous.

hobbies: trying to grow plants in little pots and etc. on the ship, studying plants in general, reading basically anything that sits still long enough, virtual pets, haiku (and eventually other types of poetry, thanks to Ash), whittling.

theme songs: [Tales of the Abyss OST] - Promise, Homestuck - Questant's Lament, Homestuck - Alternia, Garth Brooks - The Change


Amelie Shepard
Amelie Rina Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Spacer
Reputation: Ruthless
Alignment: Renegade/Renegon
Class: Vanguard
Important Decisions [ME1]: Killed Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Lost, Lost Kaidan, Council Lost, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]:
Lost on Suicide Mission:
Love Interest(s): Liara
Final Team [ME1]: Liara & Garrus
Final Team [ME2]: Morinth & Miranda

Pre-Service: Pre-birth, biological father killed in action. Age 1, biological mother killed in action, adopted and raised by family friends Hannah & Marc Shepard. Age 18, followed both sets of parents by enlisting in the Alliance.
Military: Age 24, Torfan. Kind of regrets the people she lost, but otherwise probably wouldn't change a thing.

Personality: Stubborn, serious, and hot-tempered. Very regs-minded until something gets in her way. Similarly, very loyal to the Alliance (more in general/humanity in general than the military side, though, despite her background, especially lately) until they do something to get in her way or otherwise piss her off. On that note, prone to blanket statement/feelings, with Exceptions occasionally working their way in, usually leaving the general opinion undisturbed, just kind of like a smooth blanket that's had neat little holes cut out over objects underneath that would otherwise make unseemly bumps. or something. Does genuinely love Liara, though, and her parents and what few other friends she has, it's just often very hard to tell because she's not very good at expressing affection in ways that don't involve killing people/things for them or otherwise in some way combat or hitting things. :V Dislikes turians, some individuals aside, due to her upbringing, dislikes batarians because batarians, and tends to think of asari as a race of space hookers and strippers, some individual asari (i.e. Liara) aside, because, well.
Pretty pissed at the Alliance brass and the Council as of ME2. Should be interesting.

Family: Only daughter of Ken & Akane Matsuda. Both were killed in action, Ken before she was born, Akane when she was a baby. Afterward adopted by very close friends of theirs, Hannah & Marc Shepard, also Alliance soldiers. May not always get along with them, but loves her adoptive parents. Pretty much doesn't give a flip about her biological ones, though.

Past relationships: Romance is stupid and useless (to Amelie). :I Liara changes her mind, but she's pretty much the lone exception. Not that Amelie hasn't had crushes before, but they've never panned out, and as far as Amelie's concerned, she's got hands, so she doesn't need other people on that front, either. SO THEN.

Relationship with LI(s): Kind of fascinated with/curious about Liara when she first met her (or at least had a proper conversation with her - during the rescue she's more or less like "...really?"), though awash in the wonders of mutual extreme awkwardness and terribleness at social interaction. Eventually somewhere in there Amelie began to like Liara, while Liara oscillated between being "D:" at some of Amelie's actions towards others and just sort of fascinated by/sparkly-eyed at/understanding-thanks-to-mind-meld-and-close-conversations-and-unapologetic-explanations-by-Amelie of Amelie. And then they got together, and people were disturbed by noticeably-happy!Amelie. alas. Then Amelie died! And Liara made sure she got brought back then was distant! Then that was cleared up and fun times were had, hooray~ And Amelie thinks Liara's super-serious information/Shadow Broker persona is hot. hooray?

Relationships with Squad & Crew: Considers Garrus, Tali, and Ash kind of proteges, respected Kaidan, grows to respect Joker, mutually annoyed by and respectful of Wrex (usually) (and then she killed him! out of respect. also being pissed, but). SR-2, adds Jacob and Grunt to her protege list, respects Miranda, respected Samara (then got rid of her before she could try anything), alternately fascinated and disgusted by Morinth, kind of vitriolic good friends with Jack, takes on Zaeed as a replacement Wrex (including possibly killing him, too). Mordin and Kasumi doesn't care much about, dislikes Thane, gets annoyed with Legion. Thinks Kelly's kind of cute, but steadfastly and unshakably loyal to Liara.

Armor: Default armor colors or black/gray camo. Kestrel torso sheath, N7 shoulder guards, kestrel arm sheathing, kestrel power packs.

Clothes: Fashion is a useless concept to Amelie. :| tends towards the practical and plain as a result, as she can't be bothered to care. and as a result of that and being fairly teeny, prone to fairly baggy clothes. Likes black, brown, gray, and green. Also camo.

random: Likes steaks, sausage, beef jerky, steak fries, and eggs. Occasionally pretends not to comprehend the concept of other varieties of food, military rations aside. (It's one of her few regular excursions into the concept of humor. eh, she tries.)
Likes good beer, sports drinks, and protein shakes.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: Almost always looks cranky, even when happy. The best she can manage otherwise is a really painful and uncomfortable-looking smile. eh.
Body language tends to be very stiff and closed-in, and tends to default to "at attention", "parade rest", or something involving crossing her arms.

hobbies: working out, weightlifting, shadow boxing, biotics training, reading (military history, military doctrine of assorted races and nations, novelizations of movies she likes, etc.)

theme songs: Eminem - 25 to Life, Foo Fighters - The Pretender


Roark Shepard
Cyrus Roark Shepard

Sex: Male
Pre-Service History: Earthborn
Reputation: Ruthless
Alignment: Renegon/Paragade
Class: Infiltrator
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Ashley, Council Lost, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: Collector Base Destroyed
Lost on Suicide Mission: half of crew,
Love Interest(s): n/a
Final Team [ME1]: Kaidan & Garrus
Final Team [ME2]: Garrus & Thane?

Pre-Service: Age 14, ran away from home, eventually found and joined the Reds. Age 18, decided the Reds were kinda bullshit and left to join the Alliance.
Military: Age 24, Torfan. Quietly regrets. Disowned by family shortly after, kind of pissed him off but otherwise doesn't care much they were jerks anyway. :|

Personality: EVERY DAY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS DAY, quiet, kind of surly. Cares about his people but not very good at socializing or not coming off as a strange combination between deadly serious marine and deadly serious thug. Ran away from home when he was young, estranged from family. talks about them as if they died when he left - as far as he's concerned, they may as well have, and as far as his family's concerned, after Torfan he may as well have died as soon as he left, so. Has neck tattoos - a little embarrassed of them by ME1, but keeps them as kind of a reminder of where he's been. doesn't really think about replacing them in ME2, but Jack convinces him to let her give him new ones. Likes frogs. Has trust issues.

Family: Youngest of seven children, four boys (including him), three girls. In order: Beau, Randall, Samantha, Marie, Troy, "Tiny"/Brooke, Roark. Son of Eileen and Hart Shepard. Troy and Tiny still try to keep in touch with him sometimes, the rest pretend he doesn't exist or died, depending on the situation, and he pretty much does the same right back. Disowned and removed from the wills after Torfan - not that his family cares about Batarians, they just thought it was a shameful and disgraceful display, more or less.

Past relationships: Not many to speak of - terrible at holding onto them, loses interest quickly. Has a couple of ones he was really serious about, but both left him - one over Torfan, the other couldn't deal with the distance and his reputation and his issues. Generally a one night stand kind of guy these days.

Relationship with LI(s): doesn't have one (yet). saving for Vega, so we'll see in ME3. :V

Relationships with Squad & Crew: Cares about them, but pretty shit at showing it, and socializing in general. Kind of had a romantic interest in Ashley, but saved Kaidan instead. Also kind of interested in Jack, but then they thought about it, figured that while it might be fun it'd also probably end terribly, so they settled on a friendship that would also probably end terribly, but more funny less messy. See also Joker (dammit, Joker). Total Bros with Garrus, awkward near-total bros with Kaidan and Thane. Confused and kind of put off by Liara, especially when everything always seemed to lead to a mind meld with her on the SR-1, and then he meets her again and she acts coldly and admits to giving him to Cerberus and he's like :|. Also baffled and kind of put off by Zaeed, though Zaeed attaches to him well enough. Thinks Tali is adorable, annoys her by acting as an overprotective surrogate big brother. See also Kasumi, Kelly, and Gabby. On that note, punches Kal and Donnelly hard in the arm whenever he sees either of them. Likes them and all, just feels the need to make a point. Loves Grunt to pieces, on Team Parent to Grunt so hard, man. Awkward friends with Miranda.
Calls Joker "J" (later "JJ" after Vega joins up and also gets nicknamed "J" (or "JV", though not as much because Joker insists it stands for "Junior Varsity")), Joker calls him "Rory".

Armor: Black. Kuwashii visor, aegis vest, N7 shoulder guards, off-hand ammo pack, kestrel power pack.

Clothes: Dresses rather simply and practically, can get a little dorky and country-ish (jeans rolled up to highwater levels, etc.). More towards the casual-ish side of things, gets kind of awkward if he has to wear more formal clothes. Enjoys denim, leather, pockets, and berets. Likes subdued colors and black.

random: likes home cooking in general, southern US-style comfort food, boiled crawfish, and pretty much anything spicy and/or with gravy. Also enjoys fair/carnival-style food, and can devour a whole funnel cake in about a minute.
Likes sweet iced tea, lemonade of assorted varieties, expensive whiskey and cheap beer.

body language, mannerisms, and habits: Generally subtle or at least not very strong/blatant facial expressions, often vaguely grumpy-looking or kind of :|. Stiff, distant, generally fairly closed-in body language.

hobbies: Reading (mostly about different animals, especially about reptiles and amphibians, and in turn especially about the care and raising of them), playing with his hamster (Ozzie), sketching (random stuff he sees, pets he'd like to own one day, abstract tattoo designs, etc.), fiddling around on his omni-tool and downloading and fiddling with open source (and not-so-open-source) programs' coding, etc.

theme songs: Eric Church - Homeboy (how his family views/viewed him, anyway), Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers


Cadence Shepard
Cadence Irene Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Spacer
Reputation: Ruthless
Alignment: Renegade/Renegon turning Paragade turning Paragon
Class: Vanguard
Important Decisions [ME1]: Killed Rachni Queen, Lost Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Lost, Human Rep Udina
Important Decisions [ME2]:
Lost on Suicide Mission:
Love Interest(s): Jacob
Final Team [ME1]: Wrex & Garrus
Final Team [ME2]: Jacob & Garrus




Past relationships:

Relationship with LI(s):

Relationships with Squad & Crew:

Armor: Dark blue with white stripes. Capacitor chestplate, strength boost pads, kestrel arm sheathing, stimulator conduits.

Clothes: Generally well-tailored, somewhat masculine, sometimes rather flashy, but well enough inclined to just go "fuck it" and wear a t-shirt and cargo pants or something. Likes blue, white, black, red, and silver.

random: (favorite foods & drinks, preferred weapons?, etc.)

body language, mannerisms, and habits: Open, solid, prone to being rather grandiose and/or aggressive. Open expressions. Often smiling toothily, though not always particularly happily.

hobbies: sparring and general combat and biotics practice, bar fights, picking fights in general,

theme songs: basically the Thor (2011) movie soundtrack. yes.

misc.: basically (at least started as) kind of a genderflipped movie!Thor expy.

Rajiya Shepard
Rajiya R Shepard

Sex: Female
Pre-Service History: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survior
Alignment: Paragon/Paragade
Class: Adept
Important Decisions [ME1]: Saved Rachni Queen, Saved Feros colony, Wrex Alive, Lost Kaidan, Council Saved, Human Rep Anderson
Important Decisions [ME2]: Normandy Crew Saved, Collector Base Destroyed
Lost on Suicide Mission:
Love Interest(s): n/a [head canon: Miranda]
Final Team [ME1]: Ashley & Wrex
Final Team [ME2]: Miranda & Grunt


Personality: Sweet, warm, and friendly. Also prone to being quietly but deeply bitter about her life if she thinks back on it long enough, but mostly she tries to stay optimistic.


Past relationships:

Relationship with LI(s):

Relationships with Squad & Crew:

Armor: Default gray with pale blue accents. N7 chestplate, amplifier plates, N7 gauntlets, life support webbing.

Clothes: Layers! Enjoys loose shirts over tighter shirts, and long skirts or wide-legged pants, and shiny, at least somewhat high-heeled boots. Likes black, gray, and soft colors.

random: (favorite foods & drinks, preferred weapons?, etc.)

body language, mannerisms, and habits: generally calm, restrained facial expressions. also generally restrained, professional, elegant body language. prefers to keep her distance from people unless trying to comfort (or, alternately, intimidate) them. clasps her hands a lot, whether in front of or behind her. tends to be more open on the battlefield and otherwise on the job off of the ship - less shy and more concerned with kicking ass and/or getting the job done.


theme songs:


[visual data]

current status: Squad A... eh, complete enough for now. Squad B started.
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