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pink crows

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Birthdate:Oct 30
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
a crow, a crow!

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1-up mushrooms, a song of ice and fire, animals, art, baratheons, barathetullys, bird photography, bunnies, candy, cattle mutilations, character design, cheap little sketchbooks, chupacabras, costume design, cotton candy, country music, crows, dally winston, death from above, drawing, dwarves, fabulous hats, fire emblem, firey death pony, ghosts, gloves, goddamn hippie liberals, green apple fossoways, gunnerkrigg court, haunted houses, honey-roasted peanuts, jrpgs, legolas/gimli, louisiana, maces, memes, military snare drums, nobody wants to hear about roswell anymore okay, oddly colored pigeons, onion smugglers, pants, peeps, persona, pokemon, polo shirts, princesses with swords, raccoons, raisinets, ravens, shinedown, shloo-oop skree skree shlooop shlooop splat, shounen manga, so i herd u liek bidoofs, story planning, suikoden, tales of, tarot, terrible ideas, texas, the paranormal, turkey sandwiches, tv tropes, twitter, video games, webcomics, worldbuilding
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